Camino™ - Relaxing Fresh Air Flame Diffusor


Great Air = Great Health ... but that's not all. Modern living requires self-care via thoughtful design in all aspects. It's about the air you breathe, what you surround yourself with, and the pieces you lay your eyes on every day. Camino™ simulates a magical fireplace that creates a soothing atmosphere, improves your mood, provides clean and fresh air, and all that while looking absolutely stunning. Place it in your room and create a healthy, soothing environment for yourself — Camino™ can do both. Camino™ also creates a mesmerizing flame effect that you may just get lost in.

  • 2-in-1. A humidifier & essential oil diffuser in one
  • Mesmerizing fireplace simulation. Creates a calm & cozy atmosphere anywhere
  • USB powered.
  • Provides a relaxing & soothing atmosphere